La Moribande | Self-Portrait

Crochet Tuxedo made of recycled T-Shirt yarn, knitted Cloak made of 95% Paper with embroidered Collar, Upcycled Swarovski embroidered Jeans and Gloves, crochet Tie and Laces, 2019.

Clothing & Creative Direction: Gloria Sophie Wille

Model: Gloria Sophie Wille

Make Up: Jennifer Stroh

Photography: Detlef Nehls

Connection they say

love they say

dreary weary

Drop Drop dead


Almost-Alive. Hardly-Living at all.

I wonder if there's someone out there who feels just like me.

Or almost feels.

Hardly feels at all.

 So I'll wait and live the almost-life.

Until I drearily wearily drop drop dead.

Come here you demons!

Follow me here and follow me now!

So Come to me, Come to me the damaged and the damned

Let me lead and guide you through.

Come to me, come to me, you beaten, you damaged fools!

It's always darkest before the dawn the whispers say

He said it

She said it

oh so often before it started to make too much sense


Dream and then


Where's the God you hold so dear?

Is he waiting right with you here?

So come and let me lead and I'll guide you through.

Come to me, Come to me, you beaten, you damaged Fools!

Don't you feel you keep on falling?

If you don't move on.

You nihilistic, you hedonistic not yet dead and almost alive.

A body of its own

too tired to move on

born to feast off other people's light

dragging dragging

down down down

It's getting too hard to breathe

So I ask you why. Why do you care? Why would I dare?

To stagger stagger through life without a guiding light.

And right before.

Right before.

You look.

Look where everyone and no one else is looking.

No sign of hate, solemn fate

Up up in the clouds

Down Down in your eyes

It embraces you, fills you, leads you through

And you realize that everything's gone and everything's yet to come.

I am you

You are me