The Gritterman's Wife

Crocheted Bodysuit, Skirt with Crinoline, Embroidered Headpiece, 2018.

Crochet and Knit Work & Creative Direction: Gloria Wille

Hair & Make Up: Anke Leuwer

Photography: Detlef Nehls

He himself doesn't seem lonely

neither does she

Forever they will be a part

of one another

but you feel lonely for them


Absence of presence

love like ghost

Flaws and stains,

quarrels and squabbles

seem so tiny now


But that's ok.

He loves her

and she loves him.

The only one lonely

is you



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The Gritterman's Wife is a Crochet Couture Project inspired by the book "The Gritterman" by Orlando Weeks. Book first published by Particular Books.