[not your] eye candy

Arm knit sweater, 2017

Apparel & Creative Direction: Gloria Sophie Wille

Model: Lisa Altekrüger

Photography: Detlef Nehls


I am Woman.


Too bossy. Too loud. Too unattainable. Too feminist. Too sexy. Too yummy-yum-yum. Too gawd daaang. Too noisy. Too hard to get. Too easy to get. Too bloody. Too Yikes. Too Yet-Again. Too present. Too presumptuous. Too obvious. Too mysterious. Too needy. Too greedy. Too emotional. Too strict. Too direct. Too thick. Too thin. Too average sized. Too smart-ass. Too intimidating. Too delicious. Too boobie-licious. Too rub-a-dub-dub. Too picky. Too cool. 


I am at my most beautiful.