The Loneliness and The Scream

Knitted Sweater, Tights and Skirt, 2019.

Apparel & Creative Direction: Gloria Sophie Wille

Model: Nancy Gomes dos Santos

Make Up: Angela Khachatryan

Photography: Detlef Nehls


As lonely as loneliness feels, it still is a common ache. 

A rook on a chessboard, in no control of itself or its fate.

Envying every piece that knows its place.


Longing to be the first one to go.

But something makes it stay, something makes it sway.

"Am I asking too much from life? Is this all there is?"

So the rook left it all behind

The ruthless queen so confined 

The time has come for it to move on.


It left its chessboard in exhaustion

longing for connection

Tired of perfection

Inside burning


The sensitivity that drives that feeling of outsider-ness


And becoming part of something bigger

something so much more

so much more

than a rookie mistake

This three piece garment is inspired by Frightened Rabbit's song "The Loneliness And The Scream".